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Kathy Chiu

Managing Partner

Prior to DeepWork Capital, Kathy was the COO of angel network Florida Angel Nexus. Kathy was previously a venture capitalist at Denver-based iSherpa Capital, research analyst at Boston economics consulting firm Cornerstone Research, led business development, strategy, and product management at Level (3) Communications, Lefthand Networks, Compaq Computers. She has also held technical roles at Tektronix, MIT Media Lab, and Superconducting Supercollider Lab.

Kathy is also a Board Member and Audit Committee member of Florida headquartered retailer Bealls Inc. She has a BSEE and MSEE from MIT and MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She speaks fluent Chinese and Taiwanese. 

If she were a superhero, Kathy would have the "I" insignia, standing for Improv. She would destroy bad guys with insufferable jokes as she frequently does in the evenings when she stars in Improv comedy shows.