RepScrubs is trying to cut down on hospital acquired infection risk from med device vendors

RepScrubs is trying to cut down on hospital acquired infection risk from medical device vendors.

“One of our goals is to do the right thing, we’ve been executives or upper management for many years and we stepped away not because we’re trying to sell scrubs, but to really do something about vendor management, patient safety and infection prevention.” - Jeff Feuer, President & CEO, RepScrubs

RepScrubs Appoints Former CMS Administrative Director, Charlene Frizzera to Advisory Board to Continue Improving Infection Control in Hospitals

RepScrubs today announces the addition of three new advisory board members. Charlene Frizzera leads the group of appointments with more than 30 years of experience in public health, which includes her time as COO and administrative director for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Also joining the group is John Kutz MDF.A.C.S., who maintains board certification by the American Board of Surgery in both general and vascular surgery and serves as chairman of the department of surgery, section chief of vascular surgery, and director of the Vascular Laboratory and Wound Center at Regional Hospital of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The third addition is Mark Mohler, senior partner of Corridor Legal Partners LLP, who holds a LLM in taxation and specializes in general business law, private equity, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions.

The Fund Invests in Solution for Healthcare Acquired Infections

The Fund is pleased to announce its investment Prescient Logistics, LLC DBA RepScrubs® (RepScrubs). RepScrubs provides a turnkey solution designed to manage vendor attire that helps hospitals reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections, improve security inside the operating room, and reduce costs associated with providing vendor scrubs. RepScrubs provides time sensitive vendor attire that ensures every vendor is wearing clean disposable scrubs which provides healthcare facilities with the opportunity to reduce expenses associated with vendor activity while enhancing patient safety and sterile protocols.