TAO Connect

TAO Connect’s online therapy finds new niches

DeepWork portfolio company TAO Connect, a digital platform aimed at making behavioral health therapy more accessible, efficient and effective, continues its growth expansion in the US, Canada, and Australia.

“We started with just a single prototype treatment for anxiety and now we have about 400 videos and 200 interactive exercises for 26 presenting problems. That’s a whole a lot more content than we had,” Benton said. “We doubled in terms of size of the company in sales every year since we started and we’re looking to do that again this year.” - Sherry Benton, CSO & Founder

Netflix of Mental Health TAO Connect Wants to Bring its Solution to the Masses

TAO founder Dr. Sherry Benton speaks to Tampa Bay Inno about TAO’s mission to increase access to mental healthcare and the importance of innovation.

TAO Connect helps college students with mental health

1 in 3 college freshman struggle with mental health according to new research from World Health Organization. It is a widespread problem amongst young adults and many universities are not equipped to handle this increase in mental health needs. TAO Connect's online mental health resource has become an extremely valuable and helpful tool for many universities across the country. TAO's founder and CEO Dr. Sherry Benton spoke to CNBC about what students can do to stay healthy in college.